Christina Ebersbach: Tätigkeiten und Strukturen des Bewusstseins

Fichtes ›Thatsachen des Bewußtseyns‹ von 1810/11.

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In Berlin, Fichte began holding a lecture called ›Facts of Consciousness‹ as a preliminary to his ›Wissenschaftslehre‹. It served to illustrate knowledge as a whole: Fichte analyses the relations between the specific factual aspects of consciousness and how they constitute knowledge. By learning to focus not on objects but on its own actions and the laws governing those actions, consciousness establishes the concept of knowledge, the topic of the ›Wissenschaftslehre‹. In this sense, the too little received ›Facts of Consciousness‹ serve as an introduction to the heart of Fichte’s philosophy. – In this book, Ebersbach offers the first comprehensive interpretation of the ›Facts of Consciousness‹ (1810/11). Fichte invites his students to a journey of consciousness – this book serves as a travel guide to this journey.

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