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Tanja Gloyna: Kosmos und System

Schellings Weg in die Philosophie.

Schellingiana 15
VIII, 301 p., 12,2 x 19,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2199-8
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Schelling’s intellectual biography is shaped by issues which came to mind during his years of study at the Tübinger Stift (house of studies for Protestant theological students in Tübingen). An examination of his student notebooks and his first publications shows that Schelling did not discover philosophy because the illuminating thoughts of some author of transcendental philosophy started him thinking. Instead, Schelling’s erste Philosophie (initial philosophy) can be seen against the backdrop of an intensive examination of the history of philosophy, especially of Plato, in the context of which the concept of the transfer of the subjective to the objective was developed and systematized. The reversal of this transfer reveals a cosmos which is the system of our knowledge.

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