Das Unendliche endlich dargestellt

Schellings Philosophie der Kunst im Kontext der Ästhetik und Kunst um 1800.

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Schellingiana 33
400 p., 8 ill. (5 colored), 13,8 x 21 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2936-9
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Philosophical thoughts, literature, and visual arts change fundamentally around 1800, due to the revolutionary context of their time; this change manifests itself in their relation to each other: in the interplay of aesthetic theory, form of presentation, and image finding. The Topic is – to speak with Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schellings ambiguous words – the »invisible partition that separates the real from the idealistic world«. This anthology aims to reopen the debate between philosophy and art. It brings together renowned contributors from philosophy and literary studies.

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