Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling: Vorlesungen über Philosophie

Schellings Würzburger Vorlesungen zur ›Einleitung in die Philosophie‹.

Edited by Paul Ziche.
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Schellingiana 20
220 p., 3 ill., 12,2 x 19,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2436-4
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This volume contains a previously unknown text by Schelling: his lectures, held presumably in Würzburg in 1805, on the ›Einleitung in die Philosophie‹ (Introduction to Philosophy). Apart from a general introduction, this text also contains detailed passages on the concept of the »idea,« which was of fundamental significance to Schelling during this time, as well as on natural philosophy, which expand upon Schelling’s earlier works. This lecture, which originated during Schelling’s time in Würzburg, a time about which little has been known up to now, puts the knowledge of the connection between his ›Identitätsphilosophie‹ (philosophy of identity) and the new approaches developed in ›Philosophie und Religion‹, the ›Freiheitsschrift‹ (Philosophical Inquiries into the Essence of Human Freedom) and the ›Weltalter‹ (Ages of the World) projects, on a new basis.

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