Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling: Theologische Jugendschriften

Edited and introduced by Christopher Arnold, Christian Danz and Michael Hackl.
Schellingiana 32
488 p., 2 ill., 13,8 x 21 cm.
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Oration canicularis (1790)
Animadversiones in Jesaijam (1791)
De malorum origine (1792)
Vorstellungsarten der alten Welt über Verschiedne Gegenstände, gesammelt aus Homer, Plato u.a. (1792)
Kommentar zum Galaterbrief (1793)
Stellensammlung zu Paulus (1793)
Geschichte des Gnosticismus (1793/94)
Entwurf der Vorrede (1793/94)
Proben eines Commentars über die früheste Geschichte Jesu (1793/94)
Über den Geist der Platonischen Philosophie (1794)
Kommentar zum ›Timaeus‹ (1794)

This volume presents – for the first time – a selection of all essential scripts, including papers dealing with Schelling’s interest in the field of theology, history and philosophy when studying in Tübingen from 1790 to 1794. They give evidence of Schelling’s intense reception of the manifold deep-rooted changes and innovations in the scientific world of the Old and New Testament of the time, but also of his analysis of the philosophy of Kant and Plato. On top of that Schelling presents an innovative concept of biblical hermeneutics by taking into account the critical historical standards of his time. Schelling’s study papers are important both for the understanding of his later works on philosophy of history as well as on moral philosophy. The volume contains a detailed introduction, explanatory notes on the texts, an extensive bibliography and indices.

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