Alexander Schmidt: Schellings Zeittheorie

Das verborgene System hinter der Weltalterphilosophie

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Schellingiana 35
416 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2969-7
September 2024
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Schelling’s unfinished life task of writing a three-volume series on »The Ages of the World« still presents researchers with the challenge of scrutinising his often veiledly expressed thoughts and reconstructing what he wrote systematically and in harmony with his other utterances. In this publication, Alexander Schmidt shows that Schelling based his philosophy on a seven-phase model inspired by the Bible, in which his lifelong striving for a system of freedom finds its realization. Schmidt reconstructs Schelling’s metaphysical system of time in its entirety for the first time, deciphers the world age project in a single resulting record and demonstrates that time for Schelling is history, which must be identified as Christian salvation history.

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