Paul Weingartner: Wissenschaftstheorie. Band I

Einführung in die Hauptprobleme.

problemata 3
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ISBN 978-3-7728-0696-4
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Hinweis: Die Bände II,2 und III werden nicht erscheinen.

This volume is the first part of a two volume-work called »Wissenschaftstheorie I – II«. It is hard to find an adequate English expression for the term »Wissenschaftstheorie«; the most suitable one seems to be »Philosophy of Sience« provided that »Science« is not restricted to natural science only but includes the social sciences and the humanities also. This volume is an introduction to general problems of the »Wissenschaftstheorie«. In the chapters 3, 4 and 5, the question »What is science?« is discussed. An attempt is made to answer this question by laying down eight conditions necessary for the determination of scientific systems. Chapter 1 offers twenty-two objections to the assertion that all sciences share common properties; these objections are met in chapter 3-7 partly, and are explicitly discussed in chapter 8. A division of the sciences is suggested in chapter 6, whereas chapter 7 deals with the problem of truth, certainty and validity in the realm of science.

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