Methoden und Theorien der Gruppenpsychotherapie

Psychoanalytische und tiefenpsychologische Perspektiven.

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This book provides a review of the major methods and theories of group psychotherapy in a series of articles by well-known authors in the field. Their approach to the subject is based primarily on the principles of psychoanalysis and depth psychology. Related aspects of social psychology (Battegay) and general system theory (Fürstenau) are also taken into consideration. – The various methods of group psychotherapy focus in differing degrees on the group as a whole or on its individual participants, on directly observable phenomena or an material which can be obtained only indirectly by discovering the implied meaning in what the participants say or do. The theories of group Psychotherapy rely to a greater or lesser extent on the psychoanalytical theories dealing with Oedipus complex, object relations, narcissism, and early mother-child relationship. Another theory is concerned with identifying the factors which promote change throughout the course of a group psychotherapy. All articles in this series are based on Freudian psychoanalysis and its subsequent developments. The methodological problems that arise in the application of psychoanalytic techniques to the group are also considered. The discussion also includes approaches based on the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung, the catathymic imagination method of Leuner, and Janov’s concept of primae scream therapy. This volume will enable the interested reader to familiarize himself with the major methodological and theoretical approaches to group psychotherapy within a relatively short period of time. A better understanding of the multiple and complex group processes will be helpful to those who work with groups – not only therapists, but also psychologists, social workers, and educators.


H. Petzold, Integrative Therapie

»Peter Kutter trägt in seinem Band die wichtigsten Konzepte und Methoden psychoanalytischer und tiefenpsychologisch fundierter Gruppentherapie zusammen [...] Es ist zu hoffen, daß das Buch von Kutter auch von vielen gruppenpsychotherapeutischen Praktikern gelesen wird, die nicht aus der psychoanalytischen Tradition stammen. Es kann allen, die in der psychotherapeutischen oder psychosozialen Gruppenarbeit stehen, uneingeschränkt empfohlen werden.«

H. Petzold,
Integrative Therapie

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