Helmut Gipper: Das Sprachapriori

Sprache als Voraussetzung menschlichen Denkens und Erkennens.

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In spite of the fact that modern philosophy is language-oriented, there are still no precise reasons why language should be seen as a necessary requirement for the possibility of human knowledge. The aim of this book is to present these reasons. After an outline of the fundamental philosophical problems concerning these requirements and a discussion of the a priori problems raised in Kant Kant’s works, his a priori concept is applied to language in the sense of a »requirement of possibility.« What however is untenable is the additional provision »regardless of (all) experience.« According to the theory, knowledge is only possible based on the premise of a »bodily a priori« and a »linguistic a priori.« Human beings however develop and acquire both of these postnatally, which means that they cannot even develop without experience. The author shows how in the process of learning a language human beings become those creatures who are capable of scientific and philosophical thinking. The aim of this book is to show that the linguistic a priori is a necessary supplement to epistemological reflections.


Deutsche Literaturzeitung

Gipper erfaßt mit dem Leibapriori und dem Sprachapriori zentrale Bedingungen der Möglichkeiten individueller und gesellschaftlicher menschlich-geistiger, willens- und handlungsmäßiger Selbstorganisation [...] Gleichzeitig ist deutlich, daß keine Theorie relativer Apriori mehr ohne Berücksichtigung der grundlegenden Arbeit Helmut Gippers wird auskommen können.

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