Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann: Der Dämon des 19. Jahrhunderts

Anatomie eines überforderten Säkulums.

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Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann’s present book is a reckoning with the 19th century. Scientific discoveries about nature, made in the first half of this century, lead to a new world-view which claims not only to replace the previous one but also to allow a different and better world to arise. The advances in geology and biology, culminating in Darwinian evolution and the theory of natural selection, radically change the structure of morality and the traditional concept of ›natural‹ time; a fledgling sociology reconstructs the history of mankind; Indo-European linguistics develop a new theory of language; the sudden rise of mythology establishes the ideology of national cultures. All these new scholarly and scientific movements claim to have overcome religion. Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann, however, demonstrates how they themselves continue to press ahead with the very salvation history that they claim to have surmounted. This mixture of new science and the old promises of salvation generates the demonic dynamism that leads directly to the disastrous history of the 20th century.



»Ein wichtiges Werk, das nicht nur eine Abrechnung mit Ideologien, sondern auch eine Ergründung ihrer Ungründe liefert.«


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