Aysa L. Kadis / Jack D. Krasner / Myron F. Weiner / Charles Winick / S. H. Foulkes: Praktikum der Gruppenpsychotherapie

Amended and edited by Peter Kutter.
problemata 90
320 p., 14,8 x 20,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0811-1
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Group therapy procedures today in the German-speaking countries are no longer borne by enthusiastic participants wanting to do what is fashionable but are increasingly determined by a widespread need for practicable, appropriate forms of client-centered conversational therapy. The authors embrace the concept of psychoanalytic theory and experience as the basis for all forms of group therapy. They do not however restrict themselves to »classic« group analysis but also deal with the entire spectrum of the types and possible structures of group work. The ›Praktikum‹ does not claim to want to replace a group therapy training program which provides a sound basis in training analysis, group dynamics and theory. This broad practical approach has however made it into a reliable aid for training which due to its wealth of precise proposals for solutions also provides stimulation for those who do clinical work.


Psychiatrische Praxis

»Insgesamt liegt eine ausgezeichnete Übersicht über Ansätze, Formen und Inhalte analytisch orientierter Gruppenpsychotherapie vor, die auch die Nachbarschaft und Abgrenzung zu/ von anderen Gruppenpsychotherapien darstellt. Es scheint mir gerade für die Praxis und Ausbildung an psychiatrischen Institutionen eine nützliche Arbeitshilfe.«

Psychiatrische Praxis

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