Norbert Hinske: Lebenserfahrung und Philosophie

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Modern philosophy derives, if not exclusively yet nonetheless primarily, its orientation from scientific experience. The present book, by contrast, attempts to recall to mind another sort of experience, that which we gain in life itself. The latter is not merely a weakened version of the former, but rather a different mode of experience which fulfills an autonomous function that nothing can replace. Alongside the data of experience, this book depicts its scars, alongside bare information it presents the experience which influences one’s own life style in good and bad ways. Central topics that illustrate the importance of life experience include the multifacetted questions of happiness and of death, as well as questions concerning the importance of faith for human existence. It also investigates the origins of philosophy, as well as its topics and self-interpretation. The historical roots of these questions are illustrated through interpretations of Platon, Aristoteles, Thomas von Acquin, Kant and others.


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»Der Trierer Philosoph hat ein gut lesbares Buch vorgelegt, das auch den Leser ansprechen dürfte, der sich gewöhnlich der Anstrengung des Begriffs zu entziehen versucht [...] Hinskes ›Lebenserfahrung und Philosophie‹ wird einen dankbaren Leserkreis finden. Dieses Buch vereint höchste Anschaulichkeit mit philosophischer Essenz.«

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