Johann Valentin Andreae und die Rosenkreuzer

Studien zu Werk und Kontext.

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This volume brings together studies on Johann Valentin Andreae (1586–1654), the Rosicrucian writings and their historical environment. This includes the historical context of piety (Lutheranism, spiritualism), the historical context of alchemy, the historical context of literature, but also the biographical and contemporary historical background. The focus is not only on Andreae himself, but also on Daniel Mögling (1546–1603) and the anonymous »Abortus chymicus«. The topics covered include – among others – the ›Chymische Hochzeit‹, the traces of the Thirty Years’ War in Andreae’s work and the presence of late medieval mysticism around 1620. What distinguishes all the studies in the volume is the attempt to take a fresh look at texts and authors who were in one way or another connected with the Rosicrucian writings.

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